You are invited to venture through Xila’s living quarters during the year 2096. Enjoy tea and entertainment with your host Xila Jones.



Birth of Xila is an art installation built within the attic of Jessie Devereaux's Detroit home. It is a piece that glances into the future incorporating various environmental and social ideas that are currently taking effect.

Giuliana Cascardo is the artist behind Birth of Xila and also plays Xila Jones within the piece. The production of the attic installation was a highly collaborative effort. All materials used have been donated, recycled, or thrifted to create the space.

Special thanks to Jessie Devereaux, Colleen Crongeyer, Daniel Cascardo, Leah Castile, and Robert Tomasaitis.

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Notable Dates

2020 - Green objectives are put into effect, putting resources into sustainability and shrinking the carbon footprint. Reparation tax on the highest wealth bracket is put into effect. 

2023 - Meat production decreases 15% and the insect protein industry reaches $1.2 billion in market worth.

2025 - Extensive teachings of sexual education are required in all schools and education campaigns are released.

2030 - Student debt is waived.

2033 - Nuclear fusion is initiated and all energy sources fueled with non-sustainable materials like oil, coal, and corn are discontinued.

2035 - Neutral Grounds system becomes implemented in the United States. With Neutral Grounds the government provides basic housing, nutrition, healthcare, and education.

2038 - All international conflicts involving non-sustainable materials have ceased, worldwide environmental treaty is put into effect.

2050 - Global carbon emissions reach net negative levels.